Long Island Detective Wins ISG 2011 GovSec Expo Giveaway

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Diana Ciesielski, Donna Savarese, LTC Istvan Ocskay, and John Sharpe

WASHINGTON April 4, 2011 – A police officer from the state of New York grabbed top prize at Innovative Solutions Group’s 2011 GovSec Samsung Galaxy Tab Giveaway.  John Sharpe, a detective with the Long Beach Police Department, was thrilled to have his business card randomly chosen out of hundreds submitted.  However, deciding which of his two children will receive the 7-inch tablet (retail $449) will not be easy.  “My daughters are ten and twelve,” said an excited Sharpe, “I think the only way to do this fairly is to flip a coin!”

LTC Istvan Ocskay, a Hungarian Liason Officer with the United States Joint Forces Command, nabbed second prize in the drawing, a box of gourmet chocolate truffles donated by the Foundation for Fighting Blindness.  Ocskay said the candy would be a  present for his wife.

Diana Ciesielski, Lewis Capolupo, and Donna Savarese

ISG’s booth at GovSec 2011 was the site of the launch of the company’s new marketing video, featuring one-on-one interviews with CEO Gary Cline, Executive Vice President Woody Wright, Senior Vice President of Operations Robie Wood, and Director of Networks and Mobile Technology Lewis Capolupo.  Capolupo also showcased the latest in emergency response emerging technologies utilized by the U.S. Forest Service.

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