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Field Data Automation

ISG’s Field Data Automation Center of Excellence is an industry leader in field data automation business solutions. ISG’s mobile technologies area of expertise include field data capabilities, modern geographic information systems (GIS), geospatial, wireless and remote wireless communications, remote sensors, field video equipment and hand held mobile devices.

Web Presence Solutions

ISG’s web portal team is made up of highly experienced managers, analysts, and programmers who specialize in helping agencies transition from decentralized legacy web sites to a single web portal environment.

Business Transformation

The Forest Service needed a strategy that would better support the agency’s information technology initiatives. Individual regions of the country would independently purchase and implement their own components on a variety of decentralized computing platforms.

Portfolio Management

ISG’s Program Management experts partner with organizations in aligning corporate strategy and financial goals to improve workflow and productivity. ISG’s Project Management Best Practices provide key stakeholders with complete project access and transparency from anywhere in the world.

Enterprise Content Management

What is a business without mountains of paperwork? Leaner and Meaner! In fact, the Government Paperwork Elimination Act mandates agencies convert their paper forms to electronic to modernize operations and diminish taxpayer burden.

Capacity Management

The goal of capacity management is to ensure that IT capacity meets current and future business needs in a cost-effective manner. ISG’s expertise in this area includes capacity planning, performance monitoring, performance tuning, characterizing and representing complex workloads, and performance testing. Our firm has over 20 years experience in this service offering.