Web Information Delivery

ISG’s web portal team is made up of highly experienced managers, analysts, and programmers who specialize in helping agencies transition from decentralized legacy web sites to a single web portal environment. Such modernization streamlines the content distribution process, facilitates content sharing with outside organizations, and provides a standardized design look and feel. Customers benefit from easy access to products and services. ISG’s Web Portal Best Practices include:

  • Requirements Analysis
  • Portal Framework Set-Up
  • Testing of Portal Framework
  • Portal Operations Support
  • Content Migration Support
  • Portal Assistance and Training
  • Project Management

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Web Portal Implementation

ISG’s innovative technologies team specializes in facilitating an efficient and cost-effective agency transition from decentralized legacy web sites to a centralized web portal environment.

Improving the Agency Web Experience

NRCS needed to modernize its portal-based website, improving both the customer and webmaster experience. The agency’s legacy web portals were decentralized and featured an inconsistent look and feel. ISG’s Web Solutions team executed a seamless and cost-effective solution for the Natural Resources Conservation Service.


NRCS needed to shift from its disparate legacy services to a centralized portal-based website. All content from the national and state sites had to be identified and migrated to a single centralized location. ISG was tasked with designing a technical solution with no disruption to the existing legacy site and with zero inconvenience to the public.


To create a consistent agency identity throughout. To improve user access to information and provide easier navigation. To enhance search capability. To strengthen 508 compliance.

ISG Process:

ISG initially leveraged previous work with the U.S. Forest Service web portal framework. In doing so, ISG facilitated the most efficient strategy possible for full life-cycle management of NRCS web content and enforcement of agency-wide standards. ISG then designed, built, and utilized “robots” for the web accelerator to migrate content from NRCS legacy sites nationwide.


The new web and intranet sites for NRCS were not just remodeled to look standardized and consistent. They have been completely rebuilt at a fraction of the cost of designing and implementing a similar solution from the ground up. Thanks to processes and procedures leveraged from ISG’s previous work with the U.S. Forest Service, mountains of content from legacy sites were migrated to the NRCS web portal. Webmasters from agencies within NRCS can now easily update content to reflect the most accurate agency information available for public viewing.