Mobile Computing

ISG ‘Center for Field Data Automation and Mobile Computing’ is an industry leader in field mobile business solutions. ISG’s mobile technologies areas of expertise include field data capabilities, modern geographic information systems (GIS), geospatial, wireless communications, remote sensors, field video equipment and hand-held mobile devices. ISG identifies and implements the ideal solution to deliver the best solutions at an optimal price.

ISG team members are highly skilled strategists, developers, and project managers committed to customer-focused professional services. When government agencies partner with ISG’s ‘Center for Field Data Automation’, the following technical objectives are outlined and achieved:

  • Improve field data user collection capabilities
  • Improve data sharing capabilities
  • Provide data/device security management
  • Improve field device inventory and maintenance capabilities
  • Empower users to create ‘enterprise capable applications’
  • Provide platform for sharing/downloading field user applications in enterprise environment