Remote Wireless

ISG has developed and implemented a remote wireless networking solution at several boat launch sites in Salmon-Challis National Forest. This provides field personnel with connectivity to allow for automation or digitization of many tasks that previously consumed excessive time and manpower.

  • Satellite connectivity from field site to Forest Service via internet & cloud storage.
  • Digital management of reservations, check-ins, permits, check-outs, etc.
  • Reduced processing time, staffing needs, error rate.
  • Data, voice, and video transmission from site to FS offices.
  • Remote viewing of site conditions.

The Forest Service manages recreational permits and reservations online, but field sites have lagged behind in supporting access to online services. Remote Wireless replaces the manual, paper-based system that requires extensive travel and Sat phone communication to support operations. Instead, remote sites are outfitted with satellite connectivity, self-contained renewable power supplies, and personal hardware (i.e. laptop PC, printer, etc.). This allows FS personnel to gather and manage personal information, rafting rosters, reservations, and cancellations or no-shows, as well as procure and print relevant documents and permits for visitors.


  • Internet access in remote FS locations for processing launch permits and tickets.
  • Email and timesheet entry by remote staff
  • Communication channel with main office
  • Reduced need for staff to drive or fly to site daily/regularly
  • Improved operational efficiencies
  • Cost savings to the Forest Service with a 104% IRR over 5 years (conservative estimate)


All 3 boat launch sites have been operational since early June 2010:

  • Corn Creek 2-June
  • Indian Creek 3- June
  • Boundary Creek 21-June