Values Drive Priorities Which In Turn Influence The Underlying Values.

At ISG we recognize the importance of providing professional, quality IT products and services. Our commitment to creativity and technical excellence is reflected in our high quality work and our professional ethics and standards.

ISG brings to every business endeavor an uncompromising commitment to our corporate values. Our values lend a sense of purpose and serve to distinguish ISG from other technology companies. Since its inception, ISG’s contract activity has focused on projects which have “hard deliverables”. That is, each project must have defined objectives and end products which will serve our clients.

ISG’s mission is to exceed client expectations. We are committed to building long-term relationships with our clients by strengthening trust and building confidence based on our corporate values. The people in our firm are committed to excellence in everything we do. We want everyone at ISG to take a leadership role and make the most of their talents and strive to be at the top in their field by always looking for ways do things better.

We recognize that ISG’s profit, growth, and opportunities are viewed as rewards for excellence. As our staff performs to our corporate values, they develop a pattern of overall excellence. Clients benefit by receiving quality IT products and services. ISG benefits of obtaining greater opportunities and an even greater sense of purpose and accomplishment.

Our clients are an integral part of our organization. Their objectives, plans, and well-being drive ISG’s corporate objectives, plans, and ultimate well-being. Conversely, ISG professional staff members work as well-integrated part of the clients’ project teams. This synergism result in quality work produced through the cooperative efforts of ISG and its clients.

ISG is in this business for the long haul and our focus is long term. We don’t want quick fixes, but believe in solid, sustainable and durable solutions for our clients that strengthen their business and move forward while enhancing our credibility and reputation in the market place. We always consider how our short term decisions will also impact our business in the long term.

From processes to procedures to technology, imagination, innovation, and continuous improvement are essential to remaining competitive and to achieving our company mission of exceeding client expectations. It is at the heart of business growth and client satisfaction. It means always looking for solutions and new and better ways to improve situations and realize opportunities and ideas. Imagination also means pro-activity, dissatisfaction with the status-quo and creative thinking to find new ways of creating value. Imagineering is the implementation of creative ideas into practical form. Imagine. Innovate. Implement.